Rene J. Castillo’s Encouragement


Coming from a family of medical doctors, young Rene aspired to be a doctor himself. His grandfather, Dr. Toribio Joson is credited for starting the National Mental Hospital and the Orthopedic Hospital.  His father, Dr. German B. Castillo is credited for starting the laboratories of Medical City and Makati Medical Center.  Rene is a true GREEN blooded La Sallite walking to La Salle Green Hills for 11 years from his Duke St. East Greenhills residence. He went to Oklahoma City University and after completing his BS degree in General Science, he went to UERRMC medical school. But Rene’s life course changed when his uncle, broker, appraiser, and consultant Atty. Venerando B. Joson introduced him to the real estate industry in 1988. Since then, Rene did not look back at his medical books. His  real estate practice eventually led  him to luminaries such as Ayala’s Dona Bea Zobel, Madrigal siblings Atty. Juan Miguel Madrigal Vasquez, Victoria  Madrigal Vasquez, Quadrillion’s Elsie Chua, Richard Lao’s Antel and Megaworld Andrew Tan to name a few.

He sees the importance of having a good mentor early in one’s real estate career. Rene is open to be one. That is great to know from the current President of  City of Taguig Real Estate Board Inc and Principal Broker of the Joson Castillo Realty.

What would you consider to be your major achievement or most memorable experience in your real estate practice?

Five major achievements.

One was my dealing with my VIP client, Dona Bea Zobel. She was a business partner of my Greenhills neighbor, Paula Araneta-Tantoco. They asked me to show them my industrial lot listings for their consideration for their furniture export business. I brought Dona Bea Zobel around Muntinlupa and Cavite. She fell in love with my client’s Cavite property of the Pulido clan of General Emilio Aguinaldo. Furthermore, I was referred by Dona Bea to her associates namely Ms. Mercy Tuason for their real estate requirements.

Two was my 4 years association with pre-selling condominium specialists, Globo Realty Inc. of the Vasquez-Madrigal clan when I started my real estate career . My late boss, Atty. Juan Miguel Madrigal Vasquez hired me as an agent in 1988. Working through the ranks, I got my break as a project manager in 1989. Atty. JMV assigned to me as project manager the Platinum 1000 residential condominium along Annapolis Street Greenhills with its developers, Antel/Quadrillon’s  Elsie Chua and La Elegancia’s/Antel Richard Lao. I refused to join Elsie Chua’s group due to my loyalty to Atty. JMV.

Third major achievement was my affiliation with Mr. Andrew Tan.  It was during the launching of Elsie Chua and Richard Lao’s Platinum 1000 in a hotel that a Chinese man approached me if asking if I was the project manager of Platinum 1000.  He was a new player and wanted to consult with me.  He just purchased a property along Annapolis Street Greenhills for a high rise development. After an hour of consultation, he showed me his brochure that had his company printed, MEGAWORLD for his very first project, One Beverly Place. I helped him start Megaworld on the marketing aspect.  I would go to his West Greenhills resident to get One Beverly Place brochures.  I would still see him in Greenhills Shopping Center or Eastwood and greet him.

Fourth is I am credited in PAREB who solely created the San Jose del Monte City Real Estate Board.  Since my family still maintains the Joson Farm in Paradise Farms Tungkong Mangga San Jose del Monte City, I had vested interest why I pursued creating this chapter within 8 months allotted period by PAREB.  I remember 2012 Sec Gen. and Past President of Manila Realtors Board Rey Lim calling me.  Since there was an issue in the creation of this board, he personally called me to say that Manila Board will give full credit to me for all my efforts creating this board.  Manila Realtors Board wasn’t successful a few years back spearheaded by my NAR Phils mentor, Rose Caranay.

Fifth is I was a board member of the Pasay Makati Realty Board from 2009 to 2011. After joining in 2007, I started as a director in 2009, P.R.O in 2010 and Vice-President in 2011.  All these years in the board was cited PAREB’s Best Constituent Board thus claiming the Hall of Fame Award as an awardee of 5 years of Best Constituent Board. 

What other details about yourself would you like your fellow brokers and your clients to know?

There are Four things namely:

One, I specialize in selling or leasing Greenhills East village and surrounding Ortigas villages. I am a resident of GEA since 1964, I have seen the development of Ortigas area. This is why I am fortunate enough to be considered last year 2011as a lead broker of a 80 year old developer called Ortigas & Co. Limited Partnership (OCLP) with its development of 3 residential towers and an office/hotel tower in the 16 hectare Greenhills Shopping Center.  

Two, I am the President of City of Taguig Real Estate Board Inc.  From 6 members, I have built it up to almost 30 members.  I have 24 years of real estate brokerage background experience to carry my board.  As I seasoned broker, I just can’t find any reason why my members and I will not make tons of money in the Bonifacio Global City as PAREB’s Fort specialists. What better location would you ask for offering sales, lease and property management. Each CTREB member assigned exclusively to BGC residential and commercial towers. The mind boggling guaranteed income for each member assigned exclusively in one area called the FORT will be a testing ground to become seasoned brokers. The brand the FORT speaks and markets itself locally and globally. I will see the day CTREB call center department receiving calls locally and internationally for FORT and Taguig City properties.

Third, I have very deep roots in my real estate career. I started in Globo Realty as a Marketing Executive.  Testimonies of my career can be heard from Pasig Past-President Gerald Raymundo, PMRB Muffet Villena, Manila Realtors Board and mentor, Bayani Nito and NREA President Andy Manalac to name a few.  We all started from scratch. I came in the late 80’s.  We practice a certain “Brokers Language.”There are many real estate brokers numbering already in 20,000 PRC brokers now. Most of them are in project selling asked by their employer developer to secure their brokerage license so as to abide the RESA Law.  Furthermore, a number of PRC brokers started from different industries and ventured into real estate brokerage by taking and simply passing the examination.  They use their past and so called allied businesses to complement their brokerage practice on the side. Sadly, these broker individuals aren’t as focused, deep rooted, hard core and seasoned brokers like myself in this newly established professional industry. Many by the hundreds of newbie PRC brokers depend on these so called “broker individuals” pretending they know real estate brokerage and what I call Brokers Language.  Probably in theory but definitely not in practice which makes a whole lot of difference.  I presume they must have a name already in their old profession or industry and will no way start from the bottom as a real estate agent.  I have seen many newbie PRC brokers start and eventually fall off from practice without proper mentoring led by these broker individuals.  What I mean of guidance is a 24/7 on call mentor ready to assist when inquiries from other brokers, prospects and hot buyers call in causing some anxiety with these newbies.  What better way to build confidence when you take in all these calls knowingly that you have a mentor on standby to assist you until you close these transactions. Inviting newbies for a mentorship seminar and charging some fees is no way to inspire their professional practice. I see these lapses causing many broker casualties falling off from their professional practice since I started from the bottom and worked my way up learning from a credible mentor. Only reason why I am still practicing after almost a quarter of a century.  If you really want to learn this profession, I suggest you check the background of your possible mentor and hopefully has a very rich background of real estate brokerage practice.

Fourth, especially for the newbies, is to seek a honest to goodness and credible mentor and start your real estate career as a specialist.  Focus in your community whether it is a village, condominium, farm, warehouse, island or industrial parks.  Specialize is key when starting.  Furthermore, start your practice with leasing so as to get a feel of brokerage.  This leasing specialization can be a bread and butter source and won’t take much time closing compared to selling properties. You will need lots of patience and attitude in this industry.  Participate in national seminars and conferences so as to network with fellow PAREB brokers numbering to 4000 members with 62 chapters nationwide.  If you think posting your properties in the MLS or maintaining a website are good enough, think again pursuing this profession.  Personalize approach either with clients or fellow brokers is the way to go. Real Estate is location location location.  Real Estate Brokerage is networking networking networking as far as I am concern.  Politics has no room in our industry unless you aren’t a practicing broker. Joining a Realty Firm as an associate can also be a good start aligning yourself with seasoned & principal brokers for much needed mentorship.


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